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The SILSTAR brand has always stood for quality, reliability, function, contemporary design, innovation and above all value for money.
Never has this been more apparent in our 2016 assortment of lines, which importantly all meet the fishermen wishes. That means the breaking strains and diameters stated are completely accurate and reliable.
This is a guarantee of the trust and integrity that is provided with SILSTAR lines right across the range.
Please search the website to see our comprehensive range of monofilaments, fluorocarbons and braids each with their own specialist characteristics covering all qualities and prices.


SILSTAR has always been at the forefront of modern rod design and technology, being one of the original pioneers of carbon fibre rods and poles at affordable prices. Over the years we have seen rod design and materials evolve. We have harnessed the latest technology and modern computerised design to provide truly stunning rods with outstanding action, lightness and strength. Made by craftsmen and women, each is finished to the highest standards sporting the latest cosmetic designs.
These families consist of 100s of specialist models, covering all disciplines and price points and they reflect the diverse nature of the wide and varied types of fishing across the European continent.


The SILSTAR EUROPE FISHING TEAM is instrumental in the design and testing of all our products and none more so than Fishing reels.
Today we have an in-house engineering department in Italy, where the look and the function of the reels are conceived. After, they are thoroughly tested in the harshest environments to ensure that each and every component is durable and the performance of the reel meets our high standards of quality and reliability before they are allowed to enter into mass production.
This level of features and excellence is distilled into our entire range of reels from the cheapest entry level spinning reel right up to our Big Game reels.
SILSTAR reels have always been a corner stone of our business and today SILSTAR reels are sold all over the world.
Please search the website at our large European range, you are sure to find something that is interesting for your favourite type of fishing.

At SILSTAR our continued focus is on developing our products to meet without compromise the expanding expectations of all the millions of anglers who love to fish.
We are always pleased to hear from anglers of their fishing experiences, if you have some questions please feel free to contact us through the website.