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The Silstar company now has a brand new product range, a family of fabulous rod and reel combos!
With this new series of combos we are covering the most popular styles of fishing in fresh water and marine conditions. This new series of combos represent absolutely outstanding value for money in terms of quality, design and performance.

Marine combos

Special Power Surf series blank constructed from lightweight and powerful composite super fibre consisting of five different models in 2 or 3 sections in lengths 3.6m/12’, 3.9m/13’ and a continental 4.2m/14’ with casting weights rated up to 200gr.
The rods are teamed up with a very smart cosmetically matching 7000 front drag surfcasting reel, with ball bearing system for smoothness and pre loaded with 10kg quality Silstar line.

Special Mackerel & Bass marine spinning series consists of 2 different models in 2 sections lengths 2.7m/9’ and 3.0m/10’ rated to cast upto 150g.
The combos are supplied with a tough front drag 6000 size spinning reel with ball bearing system for smoothnes and pre loaded with 8kg quality Silstar line.

Special Strength Boat series consists of a 2.1m/7’ 2 section 20-30lb class boat rod supplied with a choise of reels. Heavy duty fixed spool 7000 reel or with a matching 20-30lb class trolling reel with star drag and level wind, pre loaded with 15kg quality Silstar line.

Freshwater combos

Special Taktik Medium Spin series consists of 4 different rods in 2 sections in 1.8m/6’, 2.1m/7’, 2.4m/8’ and 2.7m/9’ with various casting weights up to 40g. The rods are teamed up with a fd3000 or a fd5000 reel with ball bearing system for smoothnes and pre loaded with 5kg quality Silstar line.

Special Allround Telespin series consists of 3 different compact telescopic 6 sections rods with lenghts of 2.4m/8’, 2.7m/9’, and 10’/3.0m. With fantastic actions and several casting weights up to 100g. The rods are supplied with a front drag 5000 or 6000 spinning reel with ball bearing system form smoothness and pre loaded with 5kg quality line.

Special Specimen Carp series consists of a light slim and powerful rod 3.6m/ 12’ in 2 sections with 3,0lb test curve. The rod is teamed with a fs5000 freespool carp reel with ball bearing for smoothness and pre loaded with 8kg quality Silstar line.


The Silstar company has also introduced for the 2019 season 4 different series of reels covering all aspects and styles of freshwater and saltwater conditions. They are:

All the above mentioned reels are showed on the official Silstar Europe website (www.silstar.eu)

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Carpfishing (New spod rod Yokozuna 2018.).

For 2018. we have prepared several new products. First product what will be entry for 2018. is new spod rod.


Last generation of our spod Yokozuna recived many compliments from our anglers, and this year we have developed new spod, from same name Yokozuna, but different characteristics. Material of new rod is blue carbon-plexi premix, with 5+1 guide on rod.

Bottom ring guide is 50 mm (SIC model.


Rod is mate in 2.parts, lengt 3,90 m (13 FT) and strenght of 6,5 lb. Transport lenght of rod is 1,90 m and rod is heavy in (540 gr).


We try to cast with new rod and without any doubt Silstar bring one more good product.

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17. world carp championship lake Deseda, Hungary!


17. World carp championship is over. Lake Deseda in Hungary is having new world champions Ukraine, second place Romania, third is France. Croatia at the end is in 6.th place and very good position during last championships where we have been all the time in first 4. Once again Croatians have proven that they are in, up level in world carpfishing.

Members of Croatian national team Martin HohošIvan Brenc and Ivica Ljubek in some part in competition used Silstar products:(Mono leader for tie hooks and several mono lines).They are happy with product quality, and they will use Silstar in the future.


Big news for Silstar company, that is true, but we will have some new products soon.

Tight lines.

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New product, Tierra match 2017/18!

Today we will present a reel for lovers of match fishing.
Yesterday, on the river Kupa (Croatia) we tried this reel and I can only say all the good things for the design and the performance itself, reel has done all the tasks in the combat with fish and a small review of the new product.


Tierra match 430 (size 20,30,40)!
The Tierra 430 has a thin spindle body, which is covered with ABS graphite.
The metal cast is aesthetically beautifully made, and the reel is very nicely put the nylon on spool. Spare spool is graphite.


In addition to all the specifications mentioned above, it is important to note that the handle is ergonomically designed to guarantee comfortable operation during the fishing.
The newly designed inner shaft gives us more degree when we talk about quality.
This reel has a 3 + 1 ball bearing which is also quite enough to feel the reliability of the fishing.

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New Surf reel from Silstar for 2017/18!

Shovelhead 8000 long cast!

Last year my visit to Italy marked a collaboration with a once famous Silstar. Although at the time of arrival and even today, I did not get the impression that this, Silstar as before, was a strong and stable company, but we made some moves and I was very proud of it.


Silstar has been absent for many years and since 2009, new products have been launched, although the products themselves were not as expected, as Silstar ran into many other companies that developed their products and started with the modern fishing gear.On that point it was very difficult to return from the abyss.

From the beginning of this story with that visit to Italy, I found out how hard it was to implement the company’s offer, as other distributors had a somewhat built-in circle of people who were trained in mediocre quality, namely, very affordable products to anyone. Personally, it was not enough for me to develop a company and countlessly countenance me to the Silstar company because I realized that the company had a potential, but the market dictated it so it was a little risky to move with a lot of new projects.


The first among those finished as a final product is the new LONG CAST reel that has a wide application and comes in the size of 8000/9000. This reel has its version of Space Supra Silver, which is also very good in Europe, but thoughts and visions are something else. The new reel is called Shovelhead has been made to perfection, with almost everything changed, the casing is black matte, aesthetically neat, the line clip is deeper, the line guard is better made, and the fast brake on the reel is reliable and accurate.

The Shovelhead reel is heavy only 598 grams, with 4: 6: 1 transmission, (9 ball bearings) and a spare cast spool for long cast.


Mono line seats perfectly, on spool and u dont need to put nothing under main rotor.

I have personally invested a lot of my time in this reel, trying to do something to be good product on market, and this is a great asset for a little money, and yet the quality that can come close to the best. I can freely say a part of Croatian pride, and Italian design come to this fine product.

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Carp team “Karas Bilje” won Croatian carpfishing league on Silstar mono lines!

BIG NEWS FOR Silstar (Carpfishing)!!

The Croatian carpfishing  league is over. The league consists of 14th team and only four of the best teams make up the Croatian national team. The fishing is done in 4th cycle and only the best go to the world championship in carpfishing.


Lapovac lake and the last round of the Croatian League defined the passengers on the world carpfishing tournament in Hungary.


Congratulations to all participants and travelers to the world championship.
The first-placed team of KARAS “Bilje” team member: Martin Hohos, Ivan Brenc and Ivica Ljubek.


Croatian gold medal league anglers used the nylon: Silstar G2, PT FLUO series and Senzo Premium cast. With this gold medal the are going on world carp championship.

What to say after this success and winning Croatia carp league, good luck to these guys in the further competition in world champion series.

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Monolines carpfishing 2017!

Carp fishing has always been an important segment of modern fishing, so in Silstar we have decided to offer top quality nylon yarns that would justify their name if they told me that they were of premium quality nylon. Some of the teams in Croatia, known for many world medals, use Silstar nylon. Why would I try to explain this in a couple of lines. For nylon, it is very important that it has very good casting properties as well as optimum bearing capacity, because nylon should be optimal for long distances, which is very important in carp fishing. High quality nylon should be abrasion resistant, while underwater environment is very important when we make the decision to use nylon because they do not have same specifications and do not have the same application under water.

It is hard to chose what monoline we will use but we in Silstar company make it perfect this year with PT FLUO series (fluo yellow), Senzo cast premium (orange) and  Carp Knockout (red).



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New end terminal tackle in Silstar range!

End of the year is the perfect time to introduce new products that will be offered in 2017. With new products in parallel we will make a catalog so that you can have a clearer picture of the novelties.The offer of products, will be available to everyone, it is important to make a note that the price of products to be accessible to everyone and that, the products will be very high quality.Project of development is going from Croatia what is several times world carp champions, so if we belive we can bring new products to every angler, u must belive also.

We have based the CARP program that was not at the level that we wanted, so we decided to make a new carp rods, reels, and complete supporting CARP program such as hooks, leaders and more. Our products are made with modern technology and you will surely enjoy n using them.

Welcome to the new Silstar.

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New catalog for 2016!

After many definitions of what should be in Silstar brand offer, we decide to bring our customers some  new products what will be on high level quality. Soon new products will be presented trough our offical facebook page: https://web.facebook.com/groups/1028633250546157/

After many years Silstar brand is having new development of products, so u must follow us on daily base to see what news we will bring to you.

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