Monolines carpfishing 2017!

Carp fishing has always been an important segment of modern fishing, so in Silstar we have decided to offer top quality nylon yarns that would justify their name if they told me that they were of premium quality nylon. Some of the teams in Croatia, known for many world medals, use Silstar nylon. Why would I try to explain this in a couple of lines. For nylon, it is very important that it has very good casting properties as well as optimum bearing capacity, because nylon should be optimal for long distances, which is very important in carp fishing. High quality nylon should be abrasion resistant, while underwater environment is very important when we make the decision to use nylon because they do not have same specifications and do not have the same application under water.

It is hard to chose what monoline we will use but we in Silstar company make it perfect this year with PT FLUO series (fluo yellow), Senzo cast premium (orange) and  Carp Knockout (red).



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