New end terminal tackle in Silstar range!

End of the year is the perfect time to introduce new products that will be offered in 2017. With new products in parallel we will make a catalog so that you can have a clearer picture of the novelties.The offer of products, will be available to everyone, it is important to make a note that the price of products to be accessible to everyone and that, the products will be very high quality.Project of development is going from Croatia what is several times world carp champions, so if we belive we can bring new products to every angler, u must belive also.

We have based the CARP program that was not at the level that we wanted, so we decided to make a new carp rods, reels, and complete supporting CARP program such as hooks, leaders and more. Our products are made with modern technology and you will surely enjoy n using them.

Welcome to the new Silstar.

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