All Fishing Rods

Allround Carbo Combo
Carbodynamic Feeder
Carbodynamic Atlantic Surf
Carbodynamic Beehive
Carbodynamic Bolognese
Carbodynamic Carp
Carbodynamic Carp Picker 9’ – 10’
Carbodynamic Catfish
Carbodynamic Champion bolo
Carbodynamic Champion Pole
Carbodynamic Daytona Surf
Carbodynamic Eco Carp
Carbodynamic Eco Surf
Carbodynamic Edge Trout
Carbodynamic Explorer Bolo
Carbodynamic Explorer Pole
Carbodynamic Fighting Shot
Carbodynamic Fly
Carbodynamic Folding Surf
Carbodynamic Fun Carp
Carbodynamic Jerk 140
Carbodynamic Jerk 250
Carbodynamic Jigging
Carbodynamic Light Rock
Carbodynamic Lure 40
Carbodynamic Match H
Carbodynamic Match M
Carbodynamic Match MH
Carbodynamic Mediterranean Power Surf
Carbodynamic Mini Power Wind
Carbodynamic New Champion Bolo
Carbodynamic New Champion Pole
Carbodynamic New Fast Spin
Carbodynamic New Power Cast Spin
Carbodynamic New Spinning 8’ – 9’
Carbodynamic Pellet Waggler 10’-11’
Carbodynamic Perfect
Carbodynamic Pier
Carbodynamic Pilk 120
Carbodynamic Pilk 180
Carbodynamic Pole
Carbodynamic Powerwind Bolo
Carbodynamic Prospin
Carbodynamic Put-Over Pole
Carbodynamic Sea Mack
Carbodynamic Seafighter
Carbodynamic Searaptor Surf
Carbodynamic Searaptor Telesurf H
Carbodynamic Searaptor Telesurf M
Carbodynamic Shore Jigging
Carbodynamic Shuttle Caster
Carbodynamic Spinning/Casting
Carbodynamic Squid
Carbodynamic Stand-Up
Carbodynamic Surf
Carbodynamic Surf Caster
Carbodynamic Tele Boat 70
Carbodynamic Tele Carp
Carbodynamic Tele Feeder
Carbodynamic Tele Feeder Short
Carbodynamic Tele Lake
Carbodynamic Tele Match
Carbodynamic Tele Pike
Carbodynamic Tele Spin 3150
Carbodynamic Tele Spin 3155
Carbodynamic Tele Surf
Carbodynamic Tornado Carp
Carbodynamic Trulon Surf
Combo Spinning
Combo Telecopic
Fanatic Proflex 80 Lined
Fanatic Proflex 80 Tube
Fanatic Proflex Bolo 18
Fanatic Proflex Bolo 30
Fanatic Proflex Dappers Delight
Fanatic Proflex Medium 40 Lined
Fanatic Proflex Pole
Fanatic Proflex Pole
Fanatic Proflex Spin L and M
Fanatic Proflex Spin MH and H
Fanatic Proflex Tele Medium 40
Grizzly Bolognese
Grizzly Multipicker
Grizzly Pike
Grizzly Pole
Grizzly Spin
Grizzly Spin 30
Grizzly Spin 60
Grizzly Taktiq 80
Grizzly Tele 100